Which sample failed consent?

Will the final effluent be within consent?

When we are on site, we often get curious glances at the samples that we have just taken from treatment plants, interceptors, bus or car washes, or any of the other assets we are looking at.

‘That don’t look too good’ or ‘Will it pass’ are phrases we hear regularly.

So, to address these questions….

The first image shows 3 samples taken on the same day from 3 different treatment assets.

When analysed, which one failed consent? (Most would say the middle one)

The answer is…. none of them.

We have learnt over the years to never answer the ‘Will it pass’ question, consent limits vary so much depending upon the application that we cannot predict the outcome or the results. Regularly, clear looking samples will fail and cloudy samples will pass.

So when asked ‘Will it pass’, we say ‘lets see when the analysis is back from the lab’.

And just to give another example, the second image also passed consent.



Example of a sample that looks contaminated