How do I know if my sewage treatment plant is working

Is my Package Treatment Plant operating within consent?

You may have a new package treatment plant at your property. It may be a new plant or there has been an upgrade from a septic tank under the new ‘2020 regulations’.

The plant has been specified and sized to the correct loading dependant upon the usage and population. The plant is installed and all looks (and smells) OK.

But…how do you know it is performing as designed and the final discharge is within the consent limits?

Our experience is that to be completely sure, sampling of the final discharge effluent is the only way to do this. Analysis will prove whether the effluent is conforming to, or exceeding, consent limits.

Once a plant is installed, it takes a short while to settle down. At this point, at around 2 months after install, a sample can be taken to confirm correct operation (at the time of taking the sample, of course). Assuming all is well, then we would recommend further sampling and testing to ensure that the plant continues to operate as designed. An additional sample is worth taking towards the end of the warranty period of the plant to ensure that any issues can be dealt with.

6 monthly or yearly sampling can then continue to monitor the performance of your sewage treatment plant. However, more frequent sampling may be required depending upon the circumstances.

Package sewage treatment plant

This Klargester  Package STP is regularly maintained and performs well Рsampled and tested for compliance every 6 months