ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

As the awareness of environmental issues grows, waste producers have a continued and heightened responsibility to protect the environment. Many companies and organisations now, under ISO 14001, have an environmental management system in place. This formalises the processes and systems that are put in place to manage the waste streams produced, and monitors the processes on an ongoing basis.

What is an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System?

ISO14001 is an internationally agreed standard. It sets out the requirements for an environmental management system. Gaining accreditation under ISO14001 helps organisations to improve their environmental performance by giving a reduction of waste and more efficient use of resources.

iso14001 Environmental Management Systems

Why do I need ISO 14001 accreditation?

In many cases, companies gain a competitive and financial advantage through accreditation to the standard and by demonstrating compliance with current and regulatory and statutory requirements.

The Tank Sampling Company and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

We have worked with organisations to demonstrate that they are within the limits of the trade consents as set down by their respective water authorities or the Environment Agency.
Compliance to these consents forms a vital part of their environmental management system.

Sampling the effluent from their waste assets, such as interceptors, grease traps and package sewage treatment plants at regular intervals and the reporting of the results enables the company to demonstrate ongoing adherence to the trade consents. A record of the performance of the plant is compiled and included in their ISO14001 documentation.

An additional advantage of the regular sampling and testing of the waste assets is that if the consent is breached, then remedial action as set down in the EMS can then be taken to rectify the problem.

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