Chinook Manhole Cover Lifter

Mustang Chinook Manhole Cover Lifter

We frequently work on sites where heavy vehicles run over the manhole covers many times a day. We also attend sites where covers have not been removed in a long time.

In either case, the manhole covers can be difficult to lift.

Some while ago, we invested in the Chinook Manhole Cover Lifter from Mustang Tools.

What a great bit of kit! We have not had a manhole cover that the Chinook can not lift

It lifts heavy manholes, breaks the seal of the cover easily. Simply attach the keys, wind the handles and the cover lifts.

The cover will arc round by pulling the wheel end. To replace, wheel the cover back over and lower it back into place

It saves time, and has great health and safety benefits – anyone lifting manholes on a regular basis knows how unwieldy and heavy they can be.

The Chinook works particularly well on split triangular covers as it clamps the two articulated halves to the bottom of the lifter frame